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God’s Work

Empower Missions is a voluntary based movement, thus we rely on donations. We trust that God will provide.

Technical Equipment

We are investing in technical equipment so that we will be able to create high quality videos. This has been a wish for a while. This kind of equipment is quite expensive. For now we aim for a smaller sum, and could get some decent equipment for €5000 EUR. More is better of course.

  • Donated 25% 25%

Monthly partners

We want to dedicate as much time to this work as possible, and thus we are looking for partners who would like to join us in spreading God's Word. What you would like to contribute is up to you.

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One time donation

One time donations are absolutely welcome - small or big! It will help the ministry to continue.

Thank you for your gifts!

Bank transfer / Swish / Vipps

Please choose one of the ways to give below.

IBAN: SE64 9020 0000 0902 5346 3701  BIC: ELLFSESS

  • Sweden:
    • Bank account number: 9025.34.637.01
    • Swish: 072 433 444 8
  • Norway:
    • Bank account number: 1813 18 01978
    • Vipps: 93 69 08 67

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