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November 2, 2018
Member vs. Disciple

The member wants to receive bread and fish, the disciple is a fisherman.

The member wants to grow, the disciple wants to reproduce.

The member is conquered, the disciple is trained.

The member does not want to leave the pews of the church, the disciple is willing to go out and serve.

The member likes comfort, the disciple is willing to sacrifice himself.

The member gives part of his resources, the disciple gives his life.

The member remains in the routine, the disciple is an innovator.

The member hopes that someone will define his task, the disciple goes to look for his responsibilities.

The member murmurs and complains, the disciple obeys and denies himself.

The member waits for opportunities, the disciple creates opportunities.

The member expects someone to visit him, the disciple goes and visits.

The member remains in the trench, the disciple goes to the front lines of the battle.

The member is concerned to preserve the conquered territory, the disciple in conquering new boundaries.

The member maintains the tradition, the disciple breaks the paradigms.

The member dreams of the ideal church, the disciple works to make it real.

The member does not want to distribute missionary literature, the disciple shares missionary materials.

For the member, evangelism is an event, for the disciple – a way of life.

The member is lazy during mission, the disciple has a lot of passion for mission.

Discipleship, member vs disciple

The member is very passive in sharing the message, the disciple is a messenger of hope, always active.

The goal of the member is to win heaven, the goal of the disciple is to win souls to be together with in heaven.

The member preaches the gospel to conquer new members, the disciple, to make new disciples.

The member attends evangelism series, the disciple does evangelism.

The member waits for a revival, the disciple participates in the revival.

The member likes a comfortable bench, the disciple is willing to carry the cross.

The member says: “I will think about it”, the disciple says: “Here I am”.

The member is valuable, the disciple is indispensable.

Translated from the book “Sé un Misionero Hoy” [Be a Missionary today], p. 81 – 82, by Esteban Griguol

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