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January 28, 2022

A Seventh Day Adventist pastor was asked to come to a home in a city in Kenya, where Christians were being persecuted. This was during a time where ISIS was beheading a bunch of Christians.

Imam Begging Pastor: Can you Baptize us?

When this pastor arrived at the home that he was called to, he discovered to his amazement that he had been invited to the home of a muslim imam. He was immediately fearful for his life, but was impressed to knock on the door anyway. He discovered that not only was the imam at home, but 30 other muslim men were there as well. Of course he was now really nervous.

This amazing question came from the lips of the imam:

– Can you baptize us in a secret place?

After collecting his thoughts, the pastor asked:

– How do I know if you are ready?

To which the imam very seriously replied:

– For several months, an angel has come every evening and instructed me of the teachings of the Bible.

Imam had Bible Studies with the muslim group

The imam in turn had taught these 30 men, who were now in the room. When the group was quizzed by the pastor, it was discovered that indeed they were very well grounded in all the teachings of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the pastor baptized the entire group.

God is working around the world. Things are really happening.

This story was presented by a FM station manager for Adventist World Radio in 2015, after traveling in various regions of the world. He gathered this first-person account, confirming the powerful intervention of God’s angels in the lives of those who heed His voice.

The story can was read by Ed Reid.

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