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Be blessed by and share powerful Ellen White resources: Books, Articles, Webpages, Music, Audio, Video, Pictures, Apps…

Topics include: faith/apologetics, criticism/attacks and testimonies.


Ellen White Finally Exposed – Anil Kanda


Video (short)

Listen to David Asscherick’s eloquent apology:


HMS Richards tells about his encounter with Ellen White:

Relatives and contemporaries about Ellen White:


Powerful testimony of a Jewish Rabbi’s encounter with Ellen White:

Ellen G. White, the matchmaker:


Justin Torossian, A young pastor and great-great-great-grandson of Ellen White:

The Gift of Prophecy – When and Why?:

Ellen, the Woman Behind the Ministry:

EGW vs. WWW:


Audio books

On the web (in multiple languages):

On the phone/app (in multiple languages):



    1. “Candid Thoughts From Ellen White’s Great-Great-Great-Grandson”
      “Justin Torossian draws wisdom from White as he prepares to return to pastoral ministry…”
    2. “Ellen G. White Named Among 100 Most Significant Americans”
      The Smithsonian magazine places White in a group that includes the likes of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., and Helen Keller in its Spring 2015 issue…
    3. “Survey Reveals The Books and Authors That Have Most influenced Pastors”
      A nationwide survey conducted by the widely recognized Barna Research Group, revealed that Ellen White is a pastor’s favorite across denominational borders!
    4. “Who reads Ellen White?”
      How does the reading of Ellen White affect the reader? A fascinating study conducted by the Institute of Church Ministry at Andrews University gives some remarkable answers…



Here you can read several classic works on Ellen White, online.


Steps to Christ in Song DVD

”Developing a relationship with Jesus Christ, the Creator and Savior of our world, is the single most important thing you can do. This musical video production, Steps to Christ in Song, will help you make that relationship a living reality. Steps to Christ in Song is based on the life-changing masterpiece Steps to Christ, which has brought inspiration to millions of readers worldwide since its first edition in 1892. This is a perfect gift for those you would like to introduce to the Savior.  In this package you will receive 13 half-hour episodes filled with testimonies and songs as well as the written and audio book Steps to Christ. This Set Contains 3 DVD’s with 13 Episodes, 3 Audio Book CD’s, and a copy of the book Steps to Christ.”

Watch the first episode of Steps to Christ in Song:

Get more information and order the DVD here.


The Great Controversy DVD

“Inspired by the Reformation, this DVD production is a musical and historical journey through Europe. It Is Written‘s John Bradshaw joins Fountainview Academy to host The Great Controversy, filmed in five different countries of Europe at historically meaningful sites. These young musicians share not only music, but personal testimonies and powerful reformation stories, still relevant to our lives today.

What drove the legendary reformers such as Luther, Huss, and so many more, to sacrifice so much, giving up even their lives? Could they see the far-reaching impact of their actions? Do you ever wonder if you have a part to play in this drama? See the powerful victories that these faithful warriors gained by simple faith and firm reliance upon God and the truths of His Word. Find the strength that brought them peace even in the face of death itself. Know that the same victory they each claimed can be ours too!”

Watch the Great Controversy Project Trailer:

Get more information and order the DVD here.


Help in Daily Living DVD

”What good is Christianity if it doesn’t change a person on a day-to-day basis? Filmed in the natural beauty of Kauai, Hawaii, Help in Daily Living is a DVD package based on the book Help in Daily Living. Its purpose is to lead viewers to a practical experience with Christ through music and personal testimonies. As you travel from ocean beaches to lush, delicate gardens, you’ll hear the grand strains of In the Heart of Jesus/Be Still My Soul medley, the compelling chords of I Want Jesus to Walk With Me, and over thirty-five other favorites. Be inspired as you listen to the students share personal accounts of how the gospel has been made real in their own lives. This DVD set is a great way to help others, as well as yourself, encounter Christ in an experiential and practical way.”

Watch a video about the production here:

Get more information and order the DVD here.



EGW writings 2 App for Android

“EGW Writings 2 for Android enables you to download individually or as a group the Complete Published Writings of Ellen G. White in the following 58 languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Spanish…”

Provided by the Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.

Get the Android app here


EGW Writings 2 App for iOS

“EGW Writings application enables you to read and search the complete published writings of Ellen G. White, the King James Version of the Bible and Noah Webster’s American Dictionary. EGW Writings is the newest version of our successful EGW Free iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch application developed by the Ellen G. White Estate.”

Get iOS app here.


Ellen White Answers

Ellen White Answers sheds light on the real Ellen White and provides answers to the questions and critics.”

Provided by Dr. Jud Lake and Alexander Voigt.

Get it in the app store.

Ellen White Audio

Listen to scores of Ellen White books in multiple languages.

Get it in the app store.



Audio books, excellent sermons and lectures.

Get it in the app store. Available both for iOS and Android.


Reading Plans

A reading plan might be a very helpful tool to get and keep reading. Here are you have some you can use:

Daily Devotionals

Subscribe to a daily devotional from “My Life Today”.  This volume of Ellen G. White touches every part of the Christian’s life. Provided by the Ellen G. White Estate.

Watch a daily video devotional from “Our Father Cares”.


And last but not least, read two of the greatest devotional books that have ever been put together namely: “Ye Shall Receive Power” and “Sons and Daughters of God”. I have been immensely blessed and I pray you will. You can read them online here.


Thought of the Day

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White Estate

Are you acquainted with the Ellen G. White Estate? If not is is high time! In short: here you find deep knowledge/expertise and invaluable resources of different kinds. Check out their webpage.