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Steps to Christ, Ellen G. White, PDF

Steps to Christ by Ellen G. White

Steps to Christ, written by Ellen G. White, is a very appreciated book that has led many people to Jesus. Preface
Upon many ears there fall the words of the gracious invitation, “Come unto Me,”- that call of a compassionate Saviour whose heart of love is drawn out toward all who are wandering away from God; and in the hearts of many, who are really longing for the help to be found in Jesus, there is quickened the purpose to return to the Father’s house. With such the inquiry of Thomas is oft repeated, “How can we know the way?” The Father’s house seems to be a long way off, and the road appears difficult and uncertain. What are the steps which lead homeward?
The title of this book – Steps to Christ, tells its mission. It points to Jesus as the only one who is able to meet the needs of the soul, and directs the feet of the doubting and the halting to “the pathway of peace.”

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