Doug Batchelor endorses Empower Missions

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August 27, 2015

Doug Batchelor

“I am pleased to recommend support for the new Ministry in Europe of Christian and Joakim Hjortland, Empower Missions (  I first met and got to know Christian as a dedicated Adventist when he attended the AFCOE program of Amazing Facts in California in late 2010.  Both Christian and his brother Joakim are instructors at AFCOE-Europe, and have recently established Empower Missions in Europe which seeks to empower, equip and help individuals as well as churches to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through practical training, lectures, and media.  Empower Missions is active around Europe and is dedicated to Adventist beliefs and values.  Joakim’s book on Ellen G. White, “A Prophet for This Generation:  A Call to Receive God’s Gift and Go Home” will soon be published.  Joakim is a member of the Board of the Norwegian Union of Seventh Day Adventists. We at Amazing Facts will be praying that the ministry of these young Adventist evangelists will rekindle the spirit of revival and reformation so necessary today.”
Doug Batchelor, President at Amazing Facts

Empower Missions is run on a voluntary basis, with the aim to bring God’s Message to every soul. Our vision is to enlighten, equip and empower people in this generation. We strive to help others to healthy and meaningful lives.