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January 4, 2016

Lots have happened the past year, and lives have been empowered as a result, which we are very happy for!

Early 2015, Joakim Hjortland joined Empower Missions as associate director and speaker, and have since then been elected in the Board of the Norwegian Union of Seventh Day Adventists. He also just accepted a position as an elder in Bergen SDA Church.

Sharing the word
We have been preaching and teaching at mission trips and conventions the past year: IMPACT Norway, IMPACT Sweden, IMPACT Copenhagen, ASI Scandinavia 2015 Convention the past year. Topics included: Life, prophecy, spirit of prophecy, the sanctuary, and spiritual growth.

Joakim was preaching at a campmeeting in Iceland, Living Water Summercamp, Norway, and teaching 2 weeks of Personal Evangelism and Spirit of Prophecy at Menorah Mission School in Italy. Christian has been teaching 3,5 weeks of prophecy and the sanctuary at AFCOE Europe in Germany.

We have also been speaking at many local Churches in Spain, Norway, and Sweden.

Thousands of people have been reached through the website, where we have increased the multilingual media library with about 300%, and added new resources such as articles, Bible studies, daily devotional, charts and handouts. Empower Missions have also started contributing to Audioverse, where thousands have listened to our lectures, and several messages got to the top list of some of the most popular at the time.

Here are some of the most viewed pages at our website in 2015:

“Empower Missions is a great tool to reach people with the most up to date and relevant information about what matters! I pray that God keeps giving you the motivation to keep it up. You make a difference!” – Anastasia, England

TV Recordings
Both Joakim and Christian have been recording lectures for Lifestyle TV, that are reaching many homes all over Scandinavia through satellite (Canal Digital) and internet.  Christian recorded 12 programs about the Sanctuary, in Swedish. He has also been at Lightchannel Denmark and recorded a shorter series in English.

PS, empower screen

New Book and Website
We have given out our first book! So far, A Prophet for This Generation has been a success! Well known book centers and ministries have shown interest in giving out the book, which would help spreading the very important message. Along with the book, we launched prophet.empowermissions.org – a website with Spirit of Prophecy resources.
93 years old Gladys Kubrock (born 1922), the great-granddaughter of Ellen White and the granddaugther of William “Willie” White (1854-1937) commented after reading the book: “I am sure that it will be joyfully received and play a large part in bringing us HOME SOON!”

A Prophet for This Generation

Empowered Lives
Many lives have been touched. Here are a few testimonies:
100_3009 small“…I really could identify myself in the message preached, and I believe that the message will be ultimately relevant for the rest of my life. The sermon left me as well with a commitment to get baptized, which I am very glad for. I am very happy for the hard work which is put into upholding Empower Missions, and I’m sure that it will be a great tool for me to lead people to Christ.” – Andros, Sweden

“Thank you so very much for spending these last 2 weeks here with us, teaching us about Revelation and such things! I really enjoyed the classes!! I pray that the Lord will continue to bless you and your ministry!…” – T.S.

“I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes, because I am so touched to see how God is leading you and Joakim to do mighty things for God in this generation. THE WORLD NEEDS JESUS SO DESPERATELY. Therefore it makes me so happy & thrills my heart to see, how God is at work in you and your ministry. May Jesus Christ always be lifted high…” – Solveig, Denmark

We praise God for the commitments that have been made: Decisions for baptism, decisions to get more trained at a bible school, changed lives, decisions of getting more active in evangelism, and supporting the work with their local Churches.

Looking ahead
This year we plan to continue the work and reach even more people. In addition to what we are already doing, we plan to write more materials/books, adding more resources, creating more relevant videos and articles, improve the website, and train more people in evangelism.

We greatly appreciate your support, hoping you want to keep us in prayer, and telling others about the resources and opportunities of Empower Missions. If you want to support our work financially, helping out to reach out more, see more info here.

Speaker requests can be submitted here.


Doug Batchelor

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Empower Missions is run on a voluntary basis, with the aim to bring God’s Message to every soul. Our vision is to enlighten, equip and empower people in this generation. We strive to help others to healthy and meaningful lives.