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January 3, 2018

“Can you look back upon your course through the past year with sweet satisfaction? Have you made progress in the way to heaven?—Have you been overcoming your pride of heart, your pride of dress, and are you becoming more humble, meek, like Jesus, the lovely Pattern?

The new year has commenced, and with the commencement of this new year, you should dedicate yourselves to God. Now give yourself to him, soul, body, and spirit, to do his will. Let all selfishness, your disobedience to your parents, all your faults, and besetting sins die with the old year. Begin this new year to the glory of God. Pray to him, morning, noon, and night, to give you a meek and humble spirit, a mild temper, an affectionate disposition. Live as you never lived before. Begin this new year with new feelings, fresh desires, and a strong determination to glorify God. 

This year can be the happiest year of your life; you can do more good to others than you have ever yet done. You can be a comfort to your parents, and a blessing to all around you. Commence the year aright, by devoting yourself to God. Spend a portion of your time each day in praying to him for strength, that you may resist evil, and every day overcome, until it will be easy praying, easy believing.

Let your thoughts dwell upon things of earth less, and upon heaven more. When you are with your associates, talk about Jesus instead of dress and appearance, Do you love Jesus? If you do you will love to talk about him. Do you love his appearing? If you do, you will love to dwell upon it, Does heaven charm you? Does it attract you? If so, you cannot hold your peace. You will talk about it; for you will always have it uppermost in your mind, and be ready to converse, when you meet with your friends, upon that which most charms, and engrosses the mind, Talk about your hopes of heaven, your joys, your eternal prospects, and then when you part with your friends, you will be benefited by each others society, and there will be a sweet satisfaction when you meet and when you part, instead of barrenness of soul, and an empty feeling.  (YI January 1, 1856, par. 4)

The new year is beginning, and this may be the perfect start if you allow God to guide your steps.
Do you have bad habits that you want to change and better habits that you want to learn? Do you have attitudes that you do not want to repeat and better attitudes that you want to practice? This is a good time to start planning, It is time to set new goals that will bring you closer to God, new habits that make you more like Jesus, new challenges that will allow you to bear witness of the Son of God to others.

The Empower Missions team

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