Pope to Catholic Legislators: “Spread laws based on the teachings of the Church”

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August 23, 2018
Pope Francis to Catholic Legislators: "Spread laws based on the teachings of the Church" sunday

Screen shot from Vatican News

On the 22nd of August 2018, Pope Francis met with the International Catholic Legislators Network (ICLN) during their 9th annual conference. He told them that “their position as Christian’s with authoritative roles is to spread laws based on the teachings of the Church in order to aid Christians and other religious minorities who are being persecuted worldwide.”, as reported by Vatican News.

At their annual conference, Catholic legislators, representing various countries, were told by the head of the Catholic Church that they are to “spread laws based on the teachings of the Church”.

“They meet with the aim of reaching and spreading a unified vision of proposed themes, based on the Church’s teachings, in accordance with their roles as individuals in governments and other institutions within their countries.” – Vatican News

Pope Francis has earlier encouraged to keep Sunday for the climate and for the poor, for instance in his encyclical: Laudato si.

In his speech at the recent conference, the Pope said:

“The Christian politician is called upon, first and foremost, like every baptised person, to try to be a witness – through humility and courage – and to propose consistent laws based on the Christian view of humanity and society” – Pope Francis

Further, Pope Francis “stressed the danger in fighting fundamentalism and intolerance”.

What are these laws that they want to spread? Revelation 13 reveals what is to come in the future, and how the whole world (except a remnant that is faithful to God) will follow this power. The remnant, keeping all God’s commandments, will be looked upon as fundamentalists.

Learn more about what the Bible revealed about the future of this power, and of the last conflict of this world:

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