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April 17, 2015

Prophecy Interpretation

This video series explains the fundamentals on how to interpret and understand prophecy. In a world with different theories, we need to let the Bible be our guide.

1. Seven Reasons to Study Bible Prophecy
Discover seven reasons why we need to study prophecy and why God gave it to us.

2. Preterism, Futurism or Historicism?
In this video you will learn about preterism, futurism and historicism, apocalyptic and classical prophecy as well as chiasm.

3. God’s Pattern in Raising Up Prophets
God is raising up prophets to draw attention to the prophecies! Dealing with time prophecies, God has a special way of working.

4. The Day-Year Principle and Prophetic Symbolism
Why is there so much symbolism in prophecies, and what is the center? In this lecture you will learn more about this as well as about the day-year principle, which unveils the key to understand apocalyptic time prophecies.

Christian is founder of Empower Missions. He is an experienced teacher of the Bible, a nurse, and a public speaker. Christian loves to help others to more healthy and meaningful lives. He is fascinated by bible prophecy, that is very relevant today. Within health he has a passion for lifestyle, preventive health and natural remedies.